Professional production of surveillance video cable, video cable cold elevator video cable, elevators dedicated network cable, network cable, audio cable, shielded cable, rodent network lines, telephone lines, such as weak cable products.



First, the product
    1, the company sold products, its technical performance indicators have reached the national standard of the provisions and requirements, and in strict accordance with the actual delivery organization with national standards and user requirements.
    2, commitment to prevent an inferior product to remain in the hands of users.
Second, service
 1, abide by the contract, schedule quality and quantity of the goods handed over to the user.
 2, product quality and quality problems in the warranty period, the company responsible for:
     (1) After receiving the information, give a reply within twenty-four hours.
     (2) in the province, arrived on the scene within a day resolve to solve the problem in a timely manner can not promise to solve or to give final reply within three days.
     (3) the province, arrived on the scene within three days to resolve, should the problem can not be solved within a week to completely resolve or commitment to give final reply.
     (4) After delivery, we will promptly look for each user. Surveys to understand user views and comments of our work, to discover and solve problems, and constantly improve and enhance our product and service quality.
Our services are: "To want more, do better for users," we will consistently adhere to this point, to fulfill our commitment to users, to better serve customers.