Professional production of surveillance video cable, video cable cold elevator video cable, elevators dedicated network cable, network cable, audio cable, shielded cable, rodent network lines, telephone lines, such as weak cable products.



I am using the international advanced ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance model to promote sound and effective quality system (available in China's most authoritative certification body the China Quality Certification Center issued Quality System Certificate).
And based on this model, according to the system requirements to establish and improve quality assurance structure, develop a sound and effective quality control, assurance system. With advanced quality control process and complete and effective control procedures.
 While ensuring that all products made corresponding national mandatory CCC certification, the national industrial production license certificate, coal mining products safety certificate, China Classification Society CCS certification, product performance in pursuit of excellence, to ensure the absolute safety of product quality, our products also applied energy (Beijing) voluntary certification Center Co., Ltd. PCCC certification organization, the agency has a very mature operating experience in the power industry, our company's continuous improvement of product quality to provide a guarantee.
The company strictly implement GB / T19001-2008 (ISO9001: 2008) standard, eight quality management principles and military system GJB9001B-2009 standard, in addition to continuously improve and enhance product quality, but in order to meet the basic premise of supply and customer service requirements, All departments conscientiously perform their duties, ranging from planning, procurement, production, sales, service, customer information products in the market has been to observe and track.
Purchasing department to order designated procurement qualified suppliers, quality inspection departments inspected and tested in accordance with standards of raw materials, substandard raw materials are not allowed to put in storage, but are not allowed to put into production. Production processes, quality inspector tracking test, substandard goods allowed into the next process, the key processes and quality control point repeatedly monitoring, substandard products not manufactured must make the production process and product quality from start to finish in a controlled state, so that the factory product 100% pass rate, customer confidence and satisfaction.