Professional production of surveillance video cable, video cable cold elevator video cable, elevators dedicated network cable, network cable, audio cable, shielded cable, rodent network lines, telephone lines, such as weak cable products.



Dongguang Jinlinyu Wire & Cable Co., LTD for quality and service commitment to sell products as follows:

First, the pre-sale service:

1, such as customer needs, can help choose the right product model specifications, according to the special requirements of customers, assist in the design of the desired product.
2, hospitality customer visits, rapid processing calls, letters, faxes, and other advice.
3, free at the company headquarters to help customers train cable laying, use and other relevant knowledge.
Second, the sale of services:
1, in strict accordance with the contract technical requirements and national standards for cable production, quality and quantity, on time at the agreed place of delivery.
2. If necessary, I can send corporate personnel training for users on cable laying, use, maintenance and other knowledge, to the scene to guide the user to the proper construction.
3, due to user selection error, insufficient quantity ordered or special circumstances demand an early delivery, my business will be anxious users worry special circumstances special treatment, giving priority to production, do our best to meet user requirements.
Third, after-sales service:
After 1, the company implemented 24-hour service in place systems that need to provide after-sales service users received the notification, the company marketing the service personnel arrive at the designated place within 24 hours, to provide services.
2, the product damage inspection before quality problems, shortages, the responsibility of the my business.
3, the presence of the warranty period (after acceptance of products within 12 months) or the occurrence of quality problems, the two sides confirmed that indeed the responsibility of my business, my business properly handled, and commitments under the general 24-hour service in place, Emergency determined in consultation with users, reasonable expenses shall be borne by the company.
4, confirmed by both parties is the responsibility of the user caused by quality problems, the company will also actively help solve, and strive to meet the reasonable demands of users.
5, due to user design changes, product specifications, models, the number has changed, I will actively respond to, urgent user needs and strive to meet user requirements; if you have ordered products than necessary design changes or because the original product can not be ordered continue to use, I will actively cooperate with the user to do rehabilitation work, to reduce the burden on the user.
7, the company established user profiles, and regular visits to customers, to the user, and a phone contact in writing to solicit user comments and suggestions, recommendations for users and the quality of statistics and analysis, continuous improvement of enterprise management, further improve product quality and marketing, service quality, and the pursuit of perfection, to meet the needs of users.
Sale, sale, after-sales service, entirely provided by the manufacturer, there are pictures of evidence!