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Stranded armored cable (buried 53)

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Product Name: Stranded armored cable (buried 53)

Model: GYTA53 / 4-144 core

GYTS53: GYTS53 type optical cable is increased on the basis of GYTS type cable sheathing and jacket layer, can serve to increase the protective properties of the role, generally used in relatively harsh environments or for direct burial.
  • Details
  • Product Description: Protect a loose sleeves loose sleeves coated fiber strand reinforcing member at the center of the cable around the stiffener
    Features: SZ stranding technology bi-layer processes by waterproof ointment filled water blocking the whole cross section of the strip take the edge bond reliable high torsional strength without cracking fiber excess length control and stability after a cable, additional attenuation of near-zero dispersion fiber no change in the value of environmental performance superior application temperature range is -10 ℃ - + 70 ℃ scope of long-distance communication is suitable for aerial, duct, direct burial laying method, inter-office communication, especially suitable for moisture, rodents and other demanding situations .
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