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Cable Line

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Product Name: Cable Line

Model: SYWV75-5

Dongguan Jinlinyu Wire & Cable Co., LTD specializing in the production of weak class security wire, cable lines transparent blue leather, oxygen-free copper conductor, foam, dual-network, transparent blue leather.
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  • TV line
    Name: cable lines
    Specifications: SYWV75-5
    Inner conductor: O.F.C bare copper Φ1.00mm (BC)
    Insulation: Physical Foam
    Outer conductor (shield): longitudinal package aluminum foil tinned copper braid (TC) or aluminum-magnesium alloy wire (L) or OFC bare copper wire (BC)
    Jacket: White PVC / PVC blue transparent
    Product identification
    Conductor: the diameter of the standard requirements, non-standard and non-standard lines commonly used for production of copper, such as SYWV-75-5 standard conductor is 1.0mm, non-marking 0.9, 0.8 or 0.5 of the general conductor production, so it led directly to the cable attenuation is too large, blocking system do not match, not meet the requirements to use length.
    Insulation: CATV cable is now mostly used for production use PE physical foaming frequency reaches the corresponding requirements from the surface, PE physical foaming regular cable fine pores, relatively soft, white and smooth surface. Non-standard cable insulation commonly used chemical foaming, porosity rough and color impure, cable electrical performance generally failed.
    Shielding: The aluminum foil plus braid longitudinally conductors, shielded high-speed knitting, weaving and compact consistency to ensure the stability of the cable structure. Non-standard cables loosely knit structure, it will lead to structural instability, use the return loss variation, affecting system performance.
    Jacket: Use the jacket for protection of internal core, it requires a certain mechanical and physical strength, non-standard cables commonly used recycled materials to make the jacket material, poor performance, and some hand a tear on the break, it will to bring the installation and use of quality problems.
    Flag: The print meter, easy to install and use the crop, while ensuring accurate package lengths.
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