Professional production of surveillance video cable, video cable cold elevator video cable, elevators dedicated network cable, network cable, audio cable, shielded cable, rodent network lines, telephone lines, such as weak cable products.



Dongguan Jin Lin Yu Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. was established nearly a decade, "Jin Lin Yu" in the security weak cable industry, "well-known" brand effect is self-evident; the company over the years to get more than one utility in the field of cable, composite cable, elevator cable, etc. patents, and three C under ISO quality assurance system, product quality can be guaranteed; Jin Lin Yu with some large brands such as "Tiancheng" "Love spectrum, Dayton," "Akihabara" Under the premise of product homogeneity prices low range, giving brokers left enough space; Jin Lin Yu old customers after the inspection, will be supported by multiple levels of agents.