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As Jinlinyu Wire and Cable Co., every employee should do their own work in a person's career, he is responsible for the work is a basic requirement and a man of conscience. To do their jobs, it is a career person can start fulfilling and meaningful. No matter what kind of the nature of the work, first of all to their own work to do, learn to enjoy their work environment, job performance, while enjoying their lives. When spare time or meditation when they are engaged Looking back positions, must deeply understand "their own" meaning. Understand the scope of their own their own work, responsibilities, authority. In fact, to do their own work is a basic requirement for each person's career. One philosopher said, once people have love and sense of responsibility, we can germinal an infinite power, toward the goal you want to achieve to work hard, even if you want to experience frustration, pain and suffering, as long as the thought of Our Responsibility, people will become fearless. Combined with "their own" work to think, to do their job is it not so? People love their jobs, working together will not back down, do not casually. Do their own work in general should consider the following factors:
First, I love their jobs a company or organization is required by different personalities, different cultural backgrounds as a team. Different positions to form different functions to fulfill different responsibilities team established goals will be achieved. According to the organization of the design team, if every employee in his job due diligence, theoretically established goals will be achieved as scheduled. So, pay attention to their jobs is a prerequisite to doing their own work. The company is not a charity, since you pay the wages, they naturally think that you have undertaken work scope and role of irreplaceable importance fruits of your labor naturally because of job and show. No matter what you do, the immediate thing to do is very important. Focus on their own jobs, their own positions in innovation will accomplish great things. Only a manager of his work very seriously, will it be possible to do a good job, an internal enterprise, people in different positions have different responsibilities, should not be because the supervisor, the manager is not or no supervision, to relax on require their own job responsibilities.
Second, pay attention to the performance of their job performance is a corporate life, pay attention to the performance of each of the companies regarded as an integral part of their corporate culture, well-known enterprises are well-known is a performance-support, while the assessment of the performance as a manager and One important criterion for employees. Each of the managers and employees must learn to work independently, alone to expand their business scope, we must find ways to save time to others, resulting in benefits, must be able to lower operating costs, quality completion of the tasks that previously required several people to complete, Very often inefficient enterprises are often several people at the same time do something. Operating practice of modern enterprise proved efficient managers and employees from the extended effectiveness consolidated results, performance from the business combination of high efficiency in various positions. In many cases, companies pay attention to the grass-roots managers and staff training, support managers and employees to expand their business skills, take time out to lower-level managers and employees to instill business philosophy, corporate culture, for enhancing their long-term performance has a visionary sense , an enterprise has a generalist managers and employees, are the advantages of this business, but also the enterprises to participate in market competition weapon.
Third, pay attention to the results of their work for any managers, must be performance-oriented for their actions. A significant difference is the ability to sign managers have no better performance support, no performance, clever business managers are also eliminated. Use no performance manager is the worst, it will increase the cost of corporate human resources. Now many companies hiring staff, often working priority to hire experienced managers and employees, in the final analysis is a performance-oriented concept of employment, is also an important guide modern enterprise management. Work experience hiring managers and employees is the emphasis on individual performance, lower cost of human resources, with better comprehensive ability of managers and "generalist" employees is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises magic. People love their excellent performance is working in every phase of the work, we can identify both the efficiency and working methods of the economy. In every detail of the work, to find work to enhance their performance centers or nodes. A good manager can not be a franchise relationship "lackey", it would not be a "hard pull a cart," the stiff person, real people can do their work is a valuable resource, a group of wise population, it is the development of enterprises, business development hope.
Fourth, pay attention to the scope of their work do the work is a problem, how make work is another question. Make work attitude problem, how to do the work, it is working methods. Attention to their scope of work is a reflection of your work on your own is not a problem to stay awake, so managers do not know the margin of his work there, appeared vacancy, offside as the problem is not in place is difficult to work together to fulfill their duties or work up rambling will work out of the mess. Ignore their scope of work, equal to the loss of working platform. Hard to make their own work. Working range size, reflecting the ability of managers to recognize a person, but I can not explain the real level of competence. Managers identified the scope of your work, you will strive to fulfill their duties, not wanton strong ability to expand their scope of work, as you will be wasted effort. If you have the ability to reach the set operating range, you will probably be swapped rigorous managers to adapt your work up. For the individual, the greater the scope of work facing, the more you can improve your job skills, you develop greater space. The scope of work is relatively small, you will work more professional and more detailed, more display their skills. Regardless of the size of the scope of work, a correct understanding of where the marginal work is very important. A clear understanding of the scope of their work, they are not working together or absence of an offside. A chaotic management of the enterprise must be uncertain scope of work of the unit, a presence of inefficient enterprises must cross the scope of work, overlap and contain the phenomenon. If a person is doing nothing, this person must be not working range of people. Pay attention to the scope of work is to focus on their own professional development, the scope of work of the marginal know who is working and principled person.

Five, to upgrade their job skills, working in any job managers and employees, are not fixed. As technology advances, jobs will continue to change. Make their jobs would continue to adapt to the challenges of being eliminated. People's own values ​​will constantly improve their job skills and reflected. Make their own work, not legalistic progress, social progress and social change in demand, it will lead to social change and adjustment mechanism. Managers and employees will face each update their knowledge and role change, make their job is to enhance the foundation adapt themselves to change. Did not make perfect job skills to enhance their work difficult a higher level of skills, social doom of being eliminated at the right time will unexpected, laid off, job transfer, turning the pain of unemployment will not improve post crash people skills. Even the best jobs do not prefer not competent people, but will not give people unprepared. Make their own work, it is a state. Life without regret of his career people are happy people. An honest man, working sense, dry line love line, is a basic quality of a person. Make their own work, is to know the principles of his own life, the understanding of the scope of his work, nature of work, work environment, it will be more meaningful. Therefore, the company needs you and that managers love their job and do their own thing to do, to enhance communication between the work and create a harmonious and stable working environment; create a high quality, efficient team.