Professional production of surveillance video cable, video cable cold elevator video cable, elevators dedicated network cable, network cable, audio cable, shielded cable, rodent network lines, telephone lines, such as weak cable products.



Dongguang Jinlinyu Wire & Cable Co.,LTD was founded in September 2005, specialized in security weak cable manufacturing and sales operations. Company advanced equipment, strong technical force, in the cold video cable, rodent lines, areas of lift lines, lines, and made a number of integrated national utility model patents.

Companies in the technology and development, quality of survival, with credit extension market, to manage to win the benefit of the spirit of philosophy, established the Jin Lin Yu weak leadership in the security cable industry. 

In recent years, the company introduced advanced equipment, and constantly improve the production process, develop a sales and technical backbone of a number of professional quality. Our main products are "Jinlinyu" brand monitor video cable, TV cable, RVV power cord, audio cable, network cable, composite cable and a variety of electronic wire, RVVP shielded control lines, widely used in industrial control systems engineering, intelligent network monitoring system and cable engineering. In the fierce market competition, the company will further emancipate the mind, deepen reform, with excellent quality, caring service, in the security weak cable industry with new and old customers to work together to meet brilliant!